Local Rules

Our Green’s Committee continue to work on our behalf courseon such issues as course playability and our local rules. As changes occur over time such changes are posted on the local rules notice board in the clubhouse and that is the definitive source for such information. For convenience, this page is maintained and updated intermittently and should not be relied upon as definitive though most is information always current. Millicent Greens The linked PDF files give a detailed account of rules applying at our course and include:

  1. LOCAL RULES – self explanitory
  2. RULES IN ACTION – A pictorial outline of how to interpret and apply such rules.

Simply click on either of the two links to view and/or download a copy.


Match play – Loss of hole; Stroke play – Two strokes.
Note: In the case of a serious breach of this Local Rule, the Committee may impose a penalty of disqualification.”